M47 Rebel


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The Kinu M47 Rebel was created following the success of the limited-edition M47 Titan’s body design—a groove pattern completely new to our product line at the time it was launched.

It is a high-end single dose manual coffee grinder, combining the groove pattern design, a stainless-steel body and the interior elements of our most premium models into one.

Enjoy exceptionally consistent results each time you grind.
The burrs are perfectly aligned thanks to the full-metal body and interior parts and to the construction based on the Morse cone principle, which keeps them auto-centered.

Adjust the grind size as precisely as you need.
The adjustment is stepless, effortless and easily reproductible. Whether you want to grind for Turkish coffee, espresso, filter, cold brew or anything coarser or finer, you will find the perfect setting.
One division on the adjustment wheel changes the setting by 10 microns (0.01 mm), but since it’s stepless you can stop anywhere in between and make adjustments as fine as 2 microns.

Grind quickly and effortlessly.
The grinder boasts 47 mm professional grade conical burrs, ensuring a fast grind no matter the preparation method you choose.
It’s also equipped with our unique thumb stopper for better grip and easy handling, and a total of four ball bearings in the grinder body and handle knob for the smoothest experience.

The M47 Rebel is a sturdy grinder, pleasant to hold and satisfying to use, thanks to the high-quality materials, the groove pattern design and the lightweight 11-magnet catch cup.

It’s packed in a solid EVA travel case so it can join you on your trips, and that’s where you’ll find the instruction manual and a Kinu Certificate of Authenticity.

All Kinu grinders come with a 5-year warranty.

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 19 × 12.5 cm