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1 × Aluminum O-ring Catch Cup

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The M47 Phoenix is now available together with an additional Aluminum O-ring Catch Cup, as well as our updated Pour-Over Burr for filter coffee lovers.

With the aluminum catch cup, the grinder is sturdier than ever, thanks to the smooth aluminum body and stainless-steel bottom, firmly attached to the grinder with a silicone O-ring.

The new Pour-Over Burr is made of hardened carbon steel and now comes with a Gold Fusion PVD Coating, ensuring strong resistance against corrosion. Although the standard burr can grind for any kind of preparation method, the different geometry of this separate burr helps produce fewer fine particles, making it more suitable for pour-over coffee.

More about the grinder’s features:

  • High-end, stainless-steel single dose manual coffee grinder
  • High precision axis alignment, no adjustment needed
  • Silicone grip band for easy handling
  • Micrometrical, stepless, reproductible and effortless grind size adjustment
  • 47 mm professional grade conical burrs for fast grinding, Black-Fusion treated
  • Ball-bearing movement throughout
  • EVA Travel Hard Case included
Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 12 cm